JetClean, a free registry cleaner by BlueSprig, isn’t one we see mentioned a lot, but we found it to be very well done. It scanned the entire registry in just a few seconds and has a well-designed interface. We tested CCleaner v6.01 in Windows 11 using both their portable and installable versions. It can also clean the registry in Windows 10, 8, and 7. Inside each hive are a bunch of keys containing all sorts of values . The values in this folder tell your computer which program to use to open certain file types.

The UpperFilters and LowerFilters valuesissue comes to mind first. These two registry values, when located in a very particular key, are regularly the root cause of certain errors you’ll sometimes see in Device Manager. Assuming the keys and values you made changes to were doing something prior to your change, expect some kind of change in behavior after you restart your PC. If that behavior isn’t what you were after, it’s time to dig up that backup you made. To rename a registry key, right-click or tap-and-hold on the key and choose Rename.

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RunX can launch any process with System Account or TrustedInstaller account privileges bypassing file system and registry permissions. Modifying the registry is not easy but sometimes is necessary, Registry Key Jumper simplifies the navigation of your registry.

  • With barely any options, and an open, clean program window, it’s easy to start a scan in seconds.
  • Registry-based Group Policy settings are those that appear under Administrative Templates in GPMC.
  • Spammers recently used an attack that infected the executable files referenced by the Windows registry’s run keys.

This list includes only freeware—in other words, only completely free registry cleaners. Any registry cleaner program that charges a fee of any kind (e.g., shareware, trialware) isn’t included here. If one of these programs has started to charge, and we haven’t removed it yet, please let us know. Registry cleaners are software programs that remove unnecessary entries from the Windows Registry. They are especially useful for removing registry entries that point to files that no longer exist.

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Press the power button of your router or modem and unplug its power cable from the power outlet. Wait for at least 30 seconds before pressing the power button again to restart it. Wait for the troubleshooting process to complete. If an error message appears on the window, just follow the steps shown to repair the issue. A Domain Name System is a directory that translates domain names or hostnames into Internet Protocol addresses.

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However, with that being said, it apparently does a great job finding errors. Although it looks a bit outdated, it works for the newer operating systems and does the job well. Registry scan time with Free Window Registry Repair was longer that with some of the higher rated registry cleaners, but overall it looks like a decent tool.