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The ramp is well constructed, great finish and easy to move around to other rooms. My dog doesn't love it yet, still getting use to it, but once she understands the concept she will. Lilly is a Moodle and the ramp takes her weight of 7kg easily. Quick shipping and would recommend this product.

Doggy stairs

Ollie our daschund loves the stairs which she manages effortlessly to get up onto Mum and Dad's bed. Ollie has learnt the command "use stairs" very quickly as the stairs are sturdy and easy for her to use.

The Dog Ramp

I got the ramp for my two goldies who are getting on in years and they find it hard to get into the back of the car. It’s taking a while for them to get use to it and the issue is they have nothing to grip on to. It’s quite slippery. I will probably have to add some ‘material’ to it . to make it non slip.. it would be good if it had a lock on the side when folded.

Our puppy loves her ramp!

We ordered the ramp for our puppy as she likes to sleep on our bed and our bed is very high. We were worried about our puppy’s bone and joint development with the constant jumping up and down. It only took us a few days to get her used to it and now she uses it with great confidence. The ramp is very well built and lightweight so we can move it around easily. We highly recommend this product.

Perfect for the new car!🚗

Easy to fit and to take in and out!

Dog Ramp

Fantastic, son’s German Shepherd walked straight up.

Dog Car Back Seat Protector

Ramp works as hoped

Great purchase, no complaints.

Great steps

Order time good. Steps well made. A good colour. Easy to move around. It took my 10 yr old dog about 2 weeks to independently use them. He still likes to jump on and off the bed at times but the steps give him an option if he isn’t up to it. A great purchase.


My sausage dogs love their ramp, no training required. They used it straight away.


I love love love this ramp. I can move it from bed to couch or easy lie it down and slide it undder the bed. My sausage dog easily gets up and down.

PaWs adjustable 4 Step soft dog ramp

This 4 step soft dog ramp has been great for our 9 year old cavoodle, Bella. It only took her 2 days to get total confidence in going up and down it. We were concerned that when Bella was jumping on and off our bed that she was putting way too much pressure and shock on her front leg and hip joints when she jumps that we needed to do something. We started to notice this when she no longer wanted to jump down on her own and started to whimpering and cry for us to pick her up and put her on the ground or on the bed.

We no longer have a problem with Bella, cause if we even mention Bedtime, she is up on the bed in her spot before we even walk in our bedroom now 🤣😍.
Thanks again The Dog Ramp Co !!


Dog ramp

It would be better if it collapsed further. To fit in an SUV it requires part of the back seat to be folded down to leave enough room for the dog!

2 Piece Low-Gradient Pet Ramps

Really good product and well put together. My basset hound loves using it and the open area underneath the ramp is a great place to store her toys.

Excellent back seat cover for dogs

I’m very happy with my PetSafe HappyRide (Bench) and so is my walking companion dog. It’s completely waterproof, really easy to attach and take off, fits quite well (it’s a small car). I take it off after every use and lay it out in the sun so haven’t had to wash it yet. It’s very solidly made and looks like it will last a long time. I highly recommend it.

4 steps + 2 Schmoodles = 1 happy Mum!!

I bought my custom built Dog Ramp Steps for my two Schmoodles Fluffettes and we all absolutely LOVE them. They're solidly built and very stable and the pups easily race up and down them with no problems at all.

We'd tried foam steps but they eventually began to deteriorate and we had to replace them several times. So not only are our new steps stylish and colour coordinated but they're economical as well!! 5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 from us.

Great for use with sedans

After an operation for a torn ACL, my dog was not allowed to jump or even walk, far. The dog ramp enabled him to get into and out of the back door of the sedan without any jumping.

Ultimate Dog Car Back Seat Protector

Assistance for a little elder pupper

Great for my little buddy who can no longer jump up on the sofa he loves to call his. This ramp has made it possible for him to get up to.

Old dog who could no longer get up on couch beside us.

My dog learnt to use the ramp quickly with help of treats and now goes up and down happily by himself. Back to sitting on couch with us 😊

Height Adjustable Stairs

The stairs work great with the three steps, when you put the adjustable one in, it does become a bit steep and it took a little while for my Chihuahua x to adapt to it. If the stairs were a bit wider would better, so a bigger landing on the top stair. However it does do the job.

Nice product

Have only had the ramp about two weeks, but I am happy with it so far. It is light and easy to handle and seems very stable. The non-slip surface is very good. Thank you.

Best steps

Steps are solid and my 🐶 pups love it

Great dog ramp!

The ramp is very easy to use, opens and closes really easily. The handle is in just the right position. Well worth the cost

Heavy Duty Telescopic Aluminium Dog Ramp

Great product. Our dog took to it without a worry.



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