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Custom-Built Height Adjustable Dog Ramp – WIDE [Australian Made]

We currently have a high volume of orders in production. Orders for this product that are placed today are expected to ship in 10-15 business days. 

Please note we are only offering a ‘Natural Pine’ finish at this time.

The Custom-Built Height Adjustable Dog Ramp is our Signature Range of Dachshund Ramps made right here in Australia. Your dog ramp should be as unique as your dog is. There’s no one size fits all. We’ve expanded our range of custom offerings so you can get the most perfect ramp for your pet. Still wanting something a little bit different? Please reach out – there’s not much we can’t do! 

1. Choose your ramp width – our height adjustable dog ramps are now available in SLIM (300mm) for tighter spaces, or WIDE (600mm), popular amongst larger/ ageing dogs

2. Choose your ramp length – With three standard lengths available (70cm, 100cm and 120cm), choose the length to suit your space and the height you need to reach. Remember – a longer ramp means a more gradual incline for your pet!

3. Choose side rail configuration (optional) – Side rails are a perfect addition if your pet needs a little extra guidance, especially if the ramp is running sideways along a bed. Side rails are removable.

4. Choose your finish – Select between Natural Pine, Natural (Oiled), Charcoal Stain (Oiled), White (Semi-Gloss Paint)

5. Choose your carpet colour – Select between ‘Charcoal’, ‘Blue’, or ‘Mid-brown’ to suit your decor




Product Description

Custom-Built Height Adjustable Dog Ramp – Our signature height adjustable dog ramps are made to order right here in Australia by combining high quality, locally sourced materials with the finest workmanship and attention to detail. Passionate about dachshunds like our own, we studied the market and sought a local manufacturer to produce a height adjustable dog ramp of the highest quality, durability and strength.

Whilst the height adjustable dog ramp is suitable for a variety of pet breeds, it is particularly loved and sought after by owners of dachshunds, french bulldogs, corgis and other small breeds that need a leg up to their favourite spot! You’ll love its gentle incline, height adjustability, versatility and modern style.

You won’t find a better ramp anywhere else… we guarantee it.

  • Made with solid Australian pine for durability and strength
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, the surface is covered with soft yet durable marine-style carpet for excellent traction for scampering paws
  • Perfect for reaching the couch, bed or getting into the car
  • Lightweight and portable, making it ideal to take on the go
  • Compact for stowing in car or under bed
  • Suitable for dogs up to 50kgs


Custom-Built Height Adjustable Dog Ramp Features:

  • Handmade in South Australia using the highest quality materials, including durable Australian pine
  • Provides a gentle incline of up to 70cm high to help your bestie onto your bed, couch and into your car
  • Our ramps are built to last as we use 7mm premium plywood board (vs. 4mm plywood of other manufacturers). This means these ramps can support larger dogs that need it too.
  • The carpet is glued using Sika Sikabond, a premium adhesive. Most other manufacturers merely staple the carpet over the ramp which will slide under foot and cause instability as your pooch climbs and in turn, can lead to anxiousness around using the ramp. Staples themselves can also be dangerous to your dog when they become exposed.
  • We use Marine Grade carpet not “marine style” as advertised by other manufacturers. This means the carpet is waterproof in case of accidents or if you need to clean it. It also provides ample grip for your pooch to climb up and down the ramp safely.
  • We only use stainless steel ‘Lane’ butt hinges to ensure smooth action, no rust and incredible durability
  • No nasty exposed screws or bolts that your dog (or you) can get caught on
  • Packs down flat so it can be easily transported or stored
  • All ramps come with felt pads on the bottom of the ramp for grip and to avoid scratching floorings


Custom-Built Height Adjustable Dog Ramp Specifications:

  • Material: Solid Australian pine frame, plywood ramp, marine grade carpet
  • WIDE 100cm ramp:
    • Product specifications: 100cm x 60cm
    • Product weight: 4.5kg
    • Adjustable height settings: 40cm, 50cm, 60cm
  • WIDE 70cm ramp:
    • Product specifications: 70cm x 60cm
    • Product weight: 3kg
    • Adjustable height settings: 30cm, 40cm
  • WIDE 120cm ramp:
    • Product specifications: 120cm x 60cm
    • Product weight: 5.9kg
    • Adjustable height settings: 50cm, 60cm, 70cm
  • Max load: Approx. 50kg
  • Finish: Natural Dressed Pine/ Clear Varnish/ White
  • Carpet colour: Charcoal (Ribbed) / Blue (Ribbed)/ Mid-Brown (Non-Ribbed)


About Our Finishes

We’ve recently transitioned from a clear varnish finish to a natural oiled finish. Delivering a very similar look, the application of linseed oil to the natural Australian pine has some important benefits:

  • Easier to clean than a purely natural (un-oiled) finish
  • Water resistant barrier to keep the timber protected
  • Much more durable than varnish
  • It won’t crack and chip when impacted like varnish will
  • Non-toxic alternative for your pet
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Can easily be maintained in the future should you wish to reapply with no sanding and timber preparation required

The 100% natural linseed oil on natural timber provides a natural finish to enhance and complete the look of your pet’s ramp.

The charcoal stain combined with the oil gives a unique darker oiled finish that shows off & features the natural woodgrain. Please note that every stain will look different depending on the timber. We do our very best to ensure a beautiful, consistent finish that you will love, that will be a unique statement piece in your home.



Please note that as this is a custom made product, it is not eligible for a return unless faulty. To view our full returns policy, please click here. For questions prior to purchase, please don’t hesitate to ask!


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  • Huge range of Australian made, custom & personalised products available
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  • Extra licks from your pooch!

70cm, 100cm, 120cm

Side Rails

Without Rails, Left Side Only, Right Side Only, Left Side & Top, Right Side & Top, Right & Left Sides, All 3 Sides (Removable To Suit)


Natural, Natural (Oiled), Charcoal Stain (Oiled), Varnish, White

Carpet Colour

Charcoal, Mid Brown, Blue


Customer Reviews

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Michelle Turton

Billy quickly adjusted to using the dog ramp up and down ...so really great

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FEATURED PRODUCT: Height Adjustable Dachshund Dog Ramp

Made to order right here in Australia from high quality, locally sourced materials.





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